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If I were to tell you about the events unfolding across our nation just two weeks ago, you would think i am insane.

In this post pandemic state of our country, i have found it difficult to find where i could implement help or awareness outside of posting on social media.

Our justice system is and has been flawed, creating a substantial divide within our country.

It is inspiring to see the solidarity within all of our respective communities in fighting against oppression.

I want to encourage my peers to do more than just posting on social media. to me at least it is not enough.

Sign petitions, donate, research, say their names - do more than just watch.

We absorb their culture, we listen to their music, we wear their clothes - we will stand with them.

In our attempt to raise awareness and push for change, we are releasing a T-shirt and hoodie to promote the Black Lives Matter movement.

All profits will be split amongst the George Floyd Memorial Fund and the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

We all have our own UNIQ backgrounds and stories; let’s do our part in sharing George’s. 

We have been through a lot these past few months, we are tired - fight for change.